How Does Therapy Work?

Therapy works by helping you to look objectively at behaviors, feelings and thoughts in situations that you find difficult. It helps you to learn more effective ways to deal with those problem situations.

At Franco Psychological Associates, therapy is a collaborative effort. You and your psychologist will identify your goals – what you want to accomplish – and agree on how you'll know you are making progress. Your psychologist will also discuss with you the length of time it may take before you see changes as well as finding constructive ways to help a situation that is beyond your control. Progress and change can happen. Nine out of ten Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports magazine said psychotherapy had helped them.

Our Confidentiality Pledge to You


We believe that any successful treatment begins with a trusting relationship between you, the client, and the people in our office. All of our staff are required by law to safeguard the information they learn about a client through the course of treatment. Anything communicated during therapy will be held in the strictest confidence. 
Your prior written permission is required before we can 'release' information about your treatment. The only exception to this confidentiality is when the professional is required to take action to preserve life or protect persons from immediate harm (e.g. child abuse).

Everyone Experiences Stress


There are many situations that can cause emotional stress: death of a loved one, divorce, alcohol or drug abuse, or problems in raising children. "Patio Roses" - photographer: Adam Franco In today's fast-paced society, people's lives are increasingly complex, chaotic, and at times overwhelming. Challenges such as balancing dual careers and raising children, keeping a marriage healthy, and dealing with job uncertainty and increased work demands can leave anyone feeling distressed. Trying to cope with significant life changes such as disability, chronic disease or recovery from a life-threatening illness makes it seem like there is little or no hope for things to get better.

That's Why it Helps to Talk to Someone Who Can Help

You can tell it's time to seek help when you feel like you can't do it alone anymore, or you feel trapped - like there is nowhere to turn. If you encounter traumatic events or you worry all the time, when the way you feel is affecting your sleep, your eating habits, your work, your relationships, or you find it too hard to cope with the routine demands of daily living, then it may be beneficial to seek our help. 

The professionals at Franco Psychological Associates are experts at helping people find their way through life's difficulties. They possess a unique combination of proven methods, along with substantial skills in working with people who have real life problems. Our extensive experience in helping clients to understand and work through tough situations can also work for you.