Additional Resources

The following web sites include a wealth of information about psychological problems and treatments geared to the general public. Franco Psychological Associates is not responsible for the content of these sites.

Mental Health America A leading nonprofit to help people live mentally healthier lives. Website provides extensive mental health information on many conditions and issues, links to recent news related to mental health, and a 3 minute screening tool and progress monitor for anxiety and depression (My Mood Monitor).

Mental Health Information - This section offers information from NIMH about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses. Included are brochures and information sheets, reports, press releases, fact sheets, and other educational materials.

National Institute of Mental Health home page.

HelpCenter, Provided by the American Psychological Association.

The Child and Family WebGuide, provided by the Department of Child Development at Tufts University. An online resource that identifies, describes, and evaluates Web sites that provide child development information.

"Psychological News You Can Use" is the public access portion of The Pennsylvania Psychological Association website. Here you will find a variety of topical mental health articles, and you can subscribe to their Public Information e-Newsletter.

Addiction Search, a directory of annotated links to materials relating to various addictions. Catagories include statistics, treatment, prevention, social issues, and harm reduction.

Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD), a serchable metasite of over 4,000 sites that offer information and assistance on a wide range of education-related topics. Provided by the US Department of Education.